What's to Do in NYC?

For those looking for things to do in New York City this week, take a step back. There is plenty happening and plenty for you to check out. No matter if you are visiting or if you live in the city, there is always something fabulously fun to do. It could be easier than you think to find something interesting to do in the city.


There are always shows taking place in New York City. The shows range from off the cuff humor to the more kid oriented show. Some of the most popular taking place right now include Wicked, Lion King, Jersey Boys and Billy Elliot. Of course, you can find many more options by checking out the Broadway websites.


If you love sports, which is in full swing right now as well. You can see the New York Rangers take to the ice to see them compete for the Stanley Cup. On the other hand, you can check out the action on the court as the New York Knicks battle some of the toughest components in Madison Square Garden.

More to Do

Other things worth seeing in New York City this week include the following:

·         Check out David Bromberg sing. This Grammy nominated artist will be playing at The Town Hall.

·         Mike Doughty will be taking the stage at the City Winery on Varick Street.

·         Check out Saturday Night Live at the Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue. You never know what performers will be there.

What are you plans for New York City this weekend? What are you doing to enjoy yourself?

New York City Pass - Worth It?

If you are planning a visit to New York City, you'll want to check out the New York City Pass. This pass gives you access to some of the most popular attractions at a discount or for free. The good news is that it does work and it will save you money, as long as you use it to its fullest potential. There are numerous attractions and benefits to the pass and they do change from time to time. However, take into consideration how this pass can work for you.

How to Get the Most Out Of It

If you plan a visit to the city, check out the various attractions and determine which ones you plan to go to. Do this even before you look at what the New York City Pass has to offer. This way, you can be sure to customize your trip to fit your needs and likes. After doing this, you will be able to determine if the pass is right for you.

There are a huge number of attractions that are included in this pass. If you find thta the things you plan to do here are a part of this pass, it is then worth investing in. Some of them include the following (remember, these can change.)

·         The Circle Line Cruises through the region

·         The Empire State Building

·         The Top of the Rock

·         Wall Street Walks

·         Food on Foot Tours

·         New York Skyride

·         Hop on Hop off Water Taxi

·         Statue of Liberty

·         Shearwater Sailing

·         Carnegie Hall Tours

This is just a short look at what this pass can offer. It could be a great way for you to save money.

First Visit to NYC

New York City attractions millions of visitors each year. For those who are looking for a getaway that's affordable, interesting and like no other out there, New York City is the place to go. But, why? Many people know this is a large city with plenty to offer but they do not know what they can and should do when they arrive here. If you are planning a vacation to New York City, know where the hot spots and must see destinations are so you can enjoy your trip that much more.

Top Attractions for First Time Visitors

There is nothing quite like New York City at any time of the year. However, some activities to do here will inspire you. One of the first stops to make is Times Square. Times Square offers a range of things to do from fun entertainment spots to interesting views of the city. There is nothing quite like this area and it is a must see stop for sure.

Other activities that are worth exploring in the city include the following. If you have been to New York City, which of these is your favorite?

  • The Statute of Liberty - a testament to the country's power and dedication to liberty is within reach. Take one of the tours out to see her.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - A great place to go even if you are not an art lover - it will inspire you.
  • Visit the theaters - Broadway is one of the most spectacular of entertainment options in the city. It gives you the type of break from reality you need no matter what your topic is. There is always something playing and there's always something for everyone.
  • 5th Avenue - For those who enjoy shopping this may be one of the biggest places to visit. There is definitely going to be the awe factor if this is your first time to NYC.
  • Central Park - It is more than just a park, it is an outdoor experience like no other. You will find lots going on and some of the best activities in the city taking place here.

What is your pick?

New York City - Things to Do

Are you looking for things to do in New York City? The city always has something fun to offer those who visit or those who live here. Those who are looking for a great way to relax and unwind will find that a simple visit the theatre is the route to take. On the other hand, there are some great concerts happening, too. So, what is there to do in NYC?

How About Restaurant Week?

For the period of time of January 16 through Feb 10, numerous participating restaurants in the region will be participating in all day events, Monday through Friday at their establishments. What's the deal? You'll be able to get a three course, prix-fixe lunch for $24.07. Or, if you are coming in during dinner hours, you'll get a three course prix-fixe dinner for $35. You will still need to pay tax, tip and for beverages.

How About Other Things to Do?

There are other things to do in New York City. Check out the following events.

·         You could visit Fitness and Nutrition Boot Camp. It is happening through March 24th, from 9:30 to 10:30am at Faber Park on Staten Island.

·         Check out Hot Peas n Butter at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts in Brooklyn. It's happening on January 29th at 2pm.

·         You can also enjoy the Moses Mountain Hike happening at the Greenbelt Nature Center on January 29th at 1pm.

What fun things are you doing in New York City this week? 

New York City Events: Top January Things to Do in NYC

So you are looking for something to do in New York City this month? There's plenty to do and see here, as always. However, there are some special events taking place that anyone in the city for a visit or those living here should check out. No matter what your plans are, make some time to check out these events.

Top Events for January in NYC

One of the best events to check out going on now through the 8th is the New York National Boat Show. It is the perfect time to start thinking about summer and the water. The Boat Show takes place at the Javits Center. You will find everything here to enjoy the water in from fishing boats to the most luxurious yachts.

Also happening now and through the 8th is the Under the Radar Festival. This annual is put on by The Public Theater. It displays new theater events from throughout the US and internationally. This is a great place to find out what is going on and to see some of the most experimental performances.

Do not forget about the Pro Bull Riders Event. It is officially the Pro Bull Riders Madison Square Garden Invitational and it runs through the 8th. There is nothing like a bull ride competition in the heart of NYC. You will be able to see all of the pros and interact with the various exhibits.

For the first full weekend of the month and of the year, what are your plans? Are you taking on New York City? If so, let us know what you are doing.

New York City for Free? Find Low Cost Things to Do in NYC

Check out some of these ideas.

Are you planning a trip to New York City and need some free or low cost things to do? If so, you are not alone. The city is having a fantastic year in terms of tourism and it may even break some records. However, those coming into the city are not just looking to empty their pocketbooks. Many of them want to see the city but to do so affordably. Family or not, there are many activities you can participate in that give you the Big Apple feel without actually spending any of your hard earned money to do it.

What Should You Be Doing?

The following are some of the best choices for those who want free or low cost options that are still fun to do. Check out some of these ideas.

·         Central Park is one of the best locations to visit hands down. The park always has something going on and just playing in it is fun enough.

·         The Staten Island Ferry is another great experience. It is not the most elegant of transportation modes, but it offers free and incredible views of the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan, the New York Harbor and Ellis Island.

·         Step back in time when you enter Grand Central Terminal. It's beautiful and functional, of course, but the historical elements of this location should not be missed. Just walk around.

·         Talk a walking tour of one of the city's larger neighborhoods. You can find free, guided tours available.

·         Visit one of the museums during a day when they offer free or pay what you want admission.

There is plenty to see in NYC without paying a lot to do it. Now's the perfect time for you to do just that.

Greenwich Village

I lived in New York, for a short time, several years ago. Although I don't exactly know why, I still regret that I never got to visit Greenwich Village. Maybe someday!

Greenwich Village, commonly referred to as "the Village" is a predominantly residential neighborhood, located on Lower Manhattan's west side. It officially became a village in 1712 and was added to the U.S. Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Today, it is home to a large percentage of upper middle class families. From the late 19th to mid 20th century, Greenwich Village was a well-known gathering place and haven for starving artists and writers as well as those who enjoyed the bohemian lifestyle.

It's interesting to note that Jimi Hendrix was so taken by the neighborhood; he built his sound studio there.

The Village is a popular tourist destination. There are numerous things to see and do there. If you love to shop, you'll enjoy all the small boutiques there. Hairy Mary's Vintage and Design, located on Orchard Street, is just one of them. If you're in to retro clothing, you won't want to miss it.

If you're a music lover, Bleeker Street Records and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex are both "must sees." This record store has a HUGE selection of vinyl records. How cool is that?

Feeling hungry in Greenwich Village won't pose a problem. You'll find everything from burgers to Italian to French to Sushi to everything in between.

Have you ever visited the Village? If so, I hope you'll take a minute to share your favorite memory. My inquiring mind wants to know.

Tourism? New York City? It's Booming

New York City has long been one of the most famous cities in the world. It's the glamour and the power. It is the outstanding entertainment and the hope of making a fortune. Yet, the city is seeing a tourism boom right now. In fact, according to the New York Daily News, the city is expected to see a record breaking 50 million visitors this year. That also means that billions of dollars worth of tourism dollars have been put into the city's economy.

It's the Goal

Mayor Bloomberg made it his goal in 2002 when he took office to get the city to this point. The 50 millionth visitor will arrive any day now and there's no doubt they will be here for one of the big activities and events that play out here all the time. Check out what the most popular attractions for New York City visitors are:

·         The come to see the Broadway shows.

·         Many visit the museums that line the city's streets.

·         They eat at many of the area's famous chef restaurants.

·         They come to shop.

·         They come to find jobs or just to see what it is like to live in the big city.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, annually, the tourism in New York City generates about $47 billion, according to the city's records.

Why are people coming in such a boom in a down economy? There are many reasons people are in the city now. There has been a great deal of promotion on behalf of the city including the famous people of NYC ads. In addition, resurgence of the interest in the area's entertainment is pulling people in.

Why are you planning a visit to New York City? What is on your agenda while in town?

It's Hockey Time

For all of those who love the thought of spending time on the ice rink, pushing and pulling, bloody lips and plenty of screaming, then it is hockey time in New York. New York City's Rangers will be in full action this season. For those that may not know, this National Hockey League team will be hosting its annual Winter Classic on January 2nd. It is the ideal way for people, including families who hope to get their kids involved, to get out and enjoy some interact with the players.

Have Fun Playing the Game

For those who want a way to get to know the team, check out a few of the key players here. Of course, this is not the whole team, but we feel these guys will impact the season tremendously. And, here are some recommendations from the players for enjoying the winter weather.

·         Derek Stepan is the 21 year old center for the team.  He recommends a good snowball fight. Check out the NYC Snowball Fight Club for some sheer fun.

·         Defenseman Ryan McDonagh is another player to watch for. He likes Nerf sledding as a favorite outdoor activity at this time of the year.

·         For center Brian Boyle, there's nothing better than warming up outdoors with some great cider. He's sure to take to the ice with his skills this season, too.

·         Mike Sauer a defenseman for the team enjoys the traditional New York City style Christmas shopping. Window shopping along with the Rockefeller Center tree is the route to go.

How will you spend your time this outdoor season in the Big Apple? Will you be catching a game of the Rangers?

Fly from New York City to Hawaii? Direct?

"Likewise, Hawaiians who have yet to have the opportunity to travel to the Big Apple can do that as well. "

It used to be difficult for New Yorkers to get to Hawaii. The trip usually would require at least one stop in California before leaving for the Hawaiian Islands, but that is changed. Now that the Hawaiian Island's largest air carrier is offering direct flights, this may mean more people than ever are now ready to go.

Have You Thought About It?

By June of 2012, you will be able to travel from John F Kennedy International Airport to Honolulu International Airport directly. Hawaiian Airlines will conduct these flights. Another airline offers some routes, though these run from Newark, New Jersey to Honolulu. That is Continental Airlines. These flights are often once a day and are the only option for East Coasters to get to Hawaii directly.

If you have thought about taking a trip to Hawaii, it may be easier to do just that. Likewise, Hawaiians who have yet to have the opportunity to travel to the Big Apple can do that as well. Imagine a long honeymoon from Broadway to the peaceful beaches of the Big Island.

Currently, Hawaiian Airlines runs service to and from the islands to the West Coast. It has also recently increased its travel services into Asia. That has brought a new flush of activity into the islands. The company's president says that the move is one to help the airline to grow and become more in demand.

Do you travel out of New York City and to the West Coast? The long commute is one that many do, but going even further to the Hawaiian Islands is a trip worth taking.