Bernard Madoff, the Outlaw in Prison

Bernard Madoff, the Outlaw in Prison

Bernard (Bernie) Madoff is sending his love to his victims by way of a New York Magazine piece? Bernie or should I called him, Mr. Madoff, sent a message to his victims: "F-you!"

Big Bernie, serving long time, one hundred and fifty years, for swindling billions in a Ponzi scheme, reportedly told a fellow inmate, "F--- my victims. I carried them for 20 years, and now I'm doing 150 years."

New York Magazine reports that Bernie has become something of a folk hero among his fellow convicts. Can you blame his fellow convicts? We live in a personality driven culture. If Justin Bieber can become famous just because a bunch of teens and pre-teen girls thinks he's cute, why can't Bernie become a prison idol, because he did something crooked that was incredibly large? I mean, how many really big time crooks do little felons get to see? How many crooks have been as big as Bernie? Bernie robbed big time and without pulling a gun. What has Justin Bieber done?

In the slammer, Bernie doesn't have to conceal his lack of a conscience. He can celebrate it, put it on display big time. When a fellow inmate had the sheer gall of accusing Big Bernie of embezzling millions of dollars, he was promptly corrected. "No, billions," said Big Bernie. The dude knows his place in the history of crime. His legacy is large.

Big Bernie told another convict that he "took money off of people who were rich and greedy" and who wanted to give him more. His victims in so many words, Big Bernie said, deserved to be swindled.

Wait a minute -- Big Bernie stole from the rich and kept the money for himself --but his swindle was a lesson to the rich for being greedy? So Big Bernie, outlaw, is a 21st century Robin Hood? Steal from the rich, keep the money for yourself as a lesson to the rich? Well? And when they lock you up and expect you to say you're sorry, and cry tears and do interviews for feel-good-confessing-tripe shows like Oprah Winfrey's, and act like some wimp, give them the finger and the F word?

Big time, big house Bernie, Outlaw. Very big outlaw.