First Visit to NYC

First Visit to NYC

New York City attractions millions of visitors each year. For those who are looking for a getaway that's affordable, interesting and like no other out there, New York City is the place to go. But, why? Many people know this is a large city with plenty to offer but they do not know what they can and should do when they arrive here. If you are planning a vacation to New York City, know where the hot spots and must see destinations are so you can enjoy your trip that much more.

Top Attractions for First Time Visitors

There is nothing quite like New York City at any time of the year. However, some activities to do here will inspire you. One of the first stops to make is Times Square. Times Square offers a range of things to do from fun entertainment spots to interesting views of the city. There is nothing quite like this area and it is a must see stop for sure.

Other activities that are worth exploring in the city include the following. If you have been to New York City, which of these is your favorite?

  • The Statute of Liberty - a testament to the country's power and dedication to liberty is within reach. Take one of the tours out to see her.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - A great place to go even if you are not an art lover - it will inspire you.
  • Visit the theaters - Broadway is one of the most spectacular of entertainment options in the city. It gives you the type of break from reality you need no matter what your topic is. There is always something playing and there's always something for everyone.
  • 5th Avenue - For those who enjoy shopping this may be one of the biggest places to visit. There is definitely going to be the awe factor if this is your first time to NYC.
  • Central Park - It is more than just a park, it is an outdoor experience like no other. You will find lots going on and some of the best activities in the city taking place here.

What is your pick?