It's Hockey Time

It's Hockey Time

For all of those who love the thought of spending time on the ice rink, pushing and pulling, bloody lips and plenty of screaming, then it is hockey time in New York. New York City's Rangers will be in full action this season. For those that may not know, this National Hockey League team will be hosting its annual Winter Classic on January 2nd. It is the ideal way for people, including families who hope to get their kids involved, to get out and enjoy some interact with the players.

Have Fun Playing the Game

For those who want a way to get to know the team, check out a few of the key players here. Of course, this is not the whole team, but we feel these guys will impact the season tremendously. And, here are some recommendations from the players for enjoying the winter weather.

·         Derek Stepan is the 21 year old center for the team.  He recommends a good snowball fight. Check out the NYC Snowball Fight Club for some sheer fun.

·         Defenseman Ryan McDonagh is another player to watch for. He likes Nerf sledding as a favorite outdoor activity at this time of the year.

·         For center Brian Boyle, there's nothing better than warming up outdoors with some great cider. He's sure to take to the ice with his skills this season, too.

·         Mike Sauer a defenseman for the team enjoys the traditional New York City style Christmas shopping. Window shopping along with the Rockefeller Center tree is the route to go.

How will you spend your time this outdoor season in the Big Apple? Will you be catching a game of the Rangers?