Nifty Unfolding Apartment in Manhattan

Nifty Unfolding Apartment in Manhattan

My husband and I recently moved out of a small (650 square foot) house. So, I completely understand the challenge of living in such close quarters.

That's part of the reason I think this unfolding apartment, located in Manhattan, is truly AMAZING! Of course, the entire apartment doesn't unfold. That's virtually impossible.

The section that does unfold is a large cabinet-like structure that sits in the middle of a 450 square foot studio apartment. The four-wall unit features a bed, storage cabinets and tables… complete with built-in electrical outlets. Watch the video.

The project was completed in 2007, by Normal Projects Architecture, at the request of apartment owner Eric Schneider. The total cost was $70,000. This included the design and construction of the cabinet and remodeling the existing bathroom and kitchen.

At night, for added privacy, a wall slides out to conceal the bed once it is folded down. Eric says this is beneficial when he sleeps on the couch in order to accommodate his out-of-town guests.

You might think that meal preparation would prove to be difficult in such a small area. But, in this case there are no complaints. Schneider, who loves to cook, has plenty of room to whip up a gourmet meal whenever the mood hits. He even has enough counter space for his KitchenAid mixer.

Do you think you could live comfortably in this situation? While a lot of people, myself included, think it's a nifty idea, there are others who think there's nothing "homey" or relaxing about it.