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Punishing the group for what individuals do

Two Muslin groups in New York want to build a mosque near ground zero, the location where the World Trade Center fell, and three thousand plus Americans were killed on 9-11. Some of the families of the survivors, and according to the Associated Press, some tea party activists want to block the construction. They want no mosque near ground zero. The construction plans have received the city approval, but maybe blocked, if a decades old proposal to give landmark status to the building the mosque is planned to replace. is granted.

9-11 was an awful event. Ground zero is one of those places that will long be in the American memory. Bin Laden and his gang attacked America. America was attacked, not Americans who are non Muslin. Shall I repeat a statement that has often been said? Muslins died at 9-11 too? To blame all the people of one faith for a crime committed by gangsters, who also claim the same faith, is wrong and is is unAmerican.